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Hi, I am Ema (born 1998, Slovakia). Travelling, art, photography, music, bicycle, shopping, London, friends, Chopin, family, laugh, fashion, piano, skiing, cats, France!, walking, Christmas, architecture, Nirvana, clouded days, that is what I like.
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Vernissage of my dad´s exhibition


I am doing decoration for matriculation. Theme is circus. I am so tired  I probably die. But I like to do things like this one. 

Library in Lučenec

Library in Lučenec

On Friday 3rd october 2014 I was in a calvinist church on concert of choir. But main reason why I went there, was to see how beautiful the church is inside. I am glad that we have such a architectonic gem in our city Lučenec. 

Sun is shining, it´s so lovely.

Beautiful weather
In the first picture should be viaduct also but my brother is stupid and he was not able to take normal photo. Thanks a lot….

Slovak viaduct, railway bridge
Telgart Slovakia

Road trip

Road trip


love love love (sing as beatles do)
Betliar castleSlovakia

Betliar castle

Betliar park II